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When I got one of these last May I decided after 3 yrs with a FL my shoulder took a beating, although the FL was “good enough”! What did I know? I have always edged and lasted at least an hour with women.
I hadn’t cum in a few days prior to getting my Venus to have an objective experience first. After setup, I lubed the receiver and myself, put on some very good porn and began slowly; 60bpm +/- before even figuring out the air box. I was hard from the anticipation and celibacy and was blown away in minutes! It scared me that I got to the edge in 2 minutes or less. Not like me at all. I was impressed as you were I’m sure! I withheld my happy ending to edge and found me edging every minute; On Low speed! I can’t remember now but I finished about 20 min. later just insane with pleasure at the PONR and gave in! No comparison to anything or anyone before! I play much better and longer now! Waited 45 minutes to try again on my bed looking at the ceiling and 5 minutes later I was squirming and exploding! Amazing