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Home Forums New Users Affraid it's only going to give mild pleasure? Reply To: Affraid it's only going to give mild pleasure?

jason Croussore

I just got mine today. I took the day off work and have beed using it almost non-stop (taking breaks to avoid the 4 hour erection) since I set it up. It never stops pleasing even when I go limp!!!! Mine is a bit too tight so it will not let me cum, but I’m not complaining. I ordered a larger sleve and a bit larger liner so I will be able to cum. Make sure you get your measurements right!

I’ve never experienced anything like this. Awhile ago I was at the point of climax (pulsating) for 30 minutes. Every man needs one of these. My lifelong dream has been to have my wife give me an all day blowjob while I watch porn. Today my dream came true, minus the wife, but I think this feels just as good if not better because I have total control. I could take it off and cum anytime I wanted to, but for now I am just enjoying. When the larger size gets here I’m sure I won’t last more than a minute!