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I have been experimenting with the new textured liner and wanted to pass along some of my testing results and overall impressions. I find the #3 configuration to be the only one that truly works. I used a 2.5″ x 7″ receiver and was able to insert the new textured clear liner inside the gum rubber liner. I found that with the nibbed surface inside (touching my skin) that it provided too much constriction and contact and the whole thing would barely move, no matter how much lube was used and no matter what I did with the air control. I turned the sleeve inside out, with the smooth surface inside (touching my skin) and it worked much better for me. You still feel the texture of the nibs. It strokes very nicely and feels completely different, with a very cushioned feel. The material provides a very tactile experience that grips the skin of the penis as it moves, as opposed to just sliding over it as the standard liner does. The only down side, for me, is that this whole assembly is very large and relatively heavy compared to the standard receiver. It is sometimes difficult to get it to ride up and down without wobbling back and forth. Removing air, so that it strokes lower, improves this so it will be supported steadily by my erection. Also the base seal is not perfect, so the end cap valve occasionally has to let a little air escape on each stroke. But, bottom line, it works and provides what everyone seems to be wanting…..a variation to the standard receiver. Tinkering around with the constrictor so that the base seals better would make this about perfect. Definitely a keeper.

For me, this delivers a sensation quite different from the standard receiver. It’s hard to explain, but it seems that the cushiony feel, almost like normal body tissue, creates a building up of sensation that is long and continuous (as opposed to that created by the overt rubbing in the standard receiver that has numerous spikes and declines during the session). It feels very natural. I agree with others that this textured liner could be shortened and I find that my best sensations are when the top of my penis and frenulum rubs against the top edge of this liner, with the stroke taking the top edge of liner back and forth over the top of my penis.

Since I was a bit bothered by the overall mass and instability of the 7″ receiver, I decided to build a 2.5″ x 5″ receiver (Abco can sell you 5″ housings in any diameter). I used a 2.25 gum rubber liner and a standard 2.12 base constrictor. I threaded the clear textured liner into the middle of this, smooth side in. Because this set up uses a smaller liner (2.25′), the textured liner doesn’t fit perfectly and so has a gusset or wrinkle, which if positioned right only adds more stimulation. It was difficult to assemble this and I broke several liners trying to stretch a 2.25 liner over a 2.5″ cylinder. But I finally got it done but the end result was not perfect. Like the other one, I have seal problems at base and some air leakage. But this little guy works very well too and I think I would like it even better than the longer one if I could get everything built right and airtight. I had hoped that this 3rd party constrictor
would fit on this set up but it would not fit, even through it is quite stretchy, due to the 2.5″ housing and added thickness of the wrapped over nibbed liner.

By the way, do not be afraid of using a receiver shorter than the length of your penis. You just let it ride you higher on your shaft. Even though I’m north of 7″, my favorite length standard receiver has been about 6 1/2″ (I sawed housing off myself). And I recently experimented with a 5″ receiver and I have been very impressed with the little 2″x5″housing that I built with the standard set up (2″ liner x 1.87″ constrictor). To me this is what a real head massager should do, even though I realize an official “head massager” is a totally different thing and is not used with an end cap. My 5″ receiver is a very lightweight, nimble receiver that you use to ride high, meaning you position it higher on your shaft via the air controls and it strokes the most sensitive part of the penis. With a “5” setting on internal stroke length setting, this little guy will put you in orbit! Remember that using a shorter receiver does not mean you have to have a shorter penis to use it. You just use it in a different way. It’s sort of the sports car of receivers. The less mass (receiver weight) you need to propel with air from the reciprocating diaphragm, the better and more nimble it is and the better your erection can support it hands free.

I’m glad to see the clear textured liner being offered by Abco, and I think it has a real place in the Venus lineup. It gives folks more options, as well as a reason to experiment. I’m sure many of us have or have tried a “Fleshlight” or similar. This has led a lot of us to want to somehow combine them, to figure out a way for the Venus to power a Fleshlight. I even once modified a Fleshlight for my Venus, with mixed results, but it did work, sort of. This new textured liner finally makes that possible to an extent. One observation that I have though is that these liners are all one size, one diameter, even though they are stretchy. In my case I’ve decided that this textured liner is just too tight with the nibbed side in. But I can imagine those with thicker penises having a problem with these in any configuration. The beauty of the Abco liners is they come in so many sizes, so they can be precisely fit to ones anatomy, like shoes. But within the confines of a larger standard Abco liner, these liners will work for most people, providing another toy in our toy boxes.

I’m also impressed with the little “cups” or base sealers (actually designed for penis pumps) that are available and that fit perfectly on to the Venus cylinder. This set up is cheap and comes in 3 different diameters for instance:

I was VERY impressed with the enhancement in sensation that these little cups produced, almost more than anything I’ve ever tried. But over time I found that I did not want that much stimulation all the time, and they actually made me sore after a couple sessions. But I go back to them now and then. I’ve built a receiver dedicated to using one of these. It’s just another option in my “toy box” of different Venus attachments.