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Home Forums Advanced Users Tried Abco's new Stroke Sleeve Reply To: Tried Abco's new Stroke Sleeve


I am the author of the first message in this thread. I use a 2″ receiver and 2″ liner material. I am confused about ‘configuration 3’. What I THINK I understand is that:
you need a 2.5″ receiver to use it. (the stroke sleeve goes INSIDE the liner?)(or REPLACES the liner?)

Does this mean the stroke sleeve AND liner material is pulled over the receiver ends on BOTH ends?
If so, does the 2.5″ end cap fit over both the stroke sleeve AND the liner? That would seem to be a very tight fit?
If so, what size of liner material would make this work? (along with that 2.5″ receiver)
The picture just doesn’t quite answer these questions for me. I guess a series of pics of the assembly of the materials would be ideal.

I do appreciate your communications guys, but would you carefully spell check your message before posting? It’s hard enough to picture what you’re saying without having to decode spelling errors.