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Home Forums Advanced Users Tried Abco's new Stroke Sleeve Reply To: Tried Abco's new Stroke Sleeve


Hello Guys, So glad to see this topic. I have added some new stuff but for some reason it all got deleted? So let us start all over.

I found that liner online because I am always trying to look at new things for you to have, to add some zest to the Venus.

I think if yo are a guy using the 2″ housing with 2.12 or 2.25″ liner there may not be enough room outside the liner for the air to control the stroking aspect. I would think it even possible for someone to clog their air port with the new sleeve. The bigger guys might want to try adding a second larger Cylinder to their arsenal of toys. The 2.5″ cylinder and some 2.50″ liner would allow you to try all three configurations.

Montoya, if you contact me I will hook you up as the moderator and lead test bunny 😉