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Home Forums Advanced Users A method for making textured liner Reply To: A method for making textured liner

Scott Cruickshank

A few additional notes. Though I don’t know this for sure, I highly suspect that small holes and fewer of them will get you the best action. I limited mine to three rows, which create 4 sides to the liner, 2 rough and two smooth, facing each other. I suspect if you go too overboard with the holes you might not get any action at all. The fewer the better. Probably fewer than what even I have in the picture would be best. And I have no doubt smaller holes than I made wouldn’t hurt too. That’s just an educated guess on my part, but one that makes sense. You want some friction, but not so much the machine stops working. Space your holes so you can add more later if you think you can. That would be my recommendation.

You might even be able to use a small diameter plastic bag as the outer liner. I have the feeling it will increase the action. 2 liners is quite a bit stiffer than one. A little stretch to the rubber I’m sure helps it glider easier. That’s something I’ll probably try soon, but no matter what, you need the outside liner, so liquids don’t get inside the air system, which might result in costly repairs. Don’t try to run with just the hole punched liner.