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Scott Cruickshank

I think it’s the ease of it that I like most about it. It’s pretty much effortless. You do mostly nothing but just lie back and enjoy it. When you can just lay back and enjoy and not have to work at it, it’s twice as enjoyable. That’s the real value in this machine. I guarantee you this… You’ll never get that feeling like it’s not working, it’s taking too long, this sucks, I wish it was better than this. I have a Fleshlight, I have a Cobra Libre, I have E-stim stuff, I have a hand held massager, I have strokers. Most of those I have that problem with. Some of them I can go all day and get nothing but frustrated with until I have to give up. But not with this one. The first couple of times time I used it, I couldn’t wait to get finished, but for some reason I never felt that sense of dread like maybe I wasn’t going to make it. And with just a couple of uses I started to crave going longer rather than just going to a happy ending just as fast as possible. I enjoy every part of the experience now, every moment of it. And don’t get me wrong, you can make it pretty quick if you want to. But the more you use it, the less you seem to want to do that.

I’m not going to claim that the sensation is better than this or that because in truth, it’s not that great. And yet it is. It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t got one. It seems mild, but it never fails to thrill. I have a Tenga Spiral that feels way better. But I almost never use it anymore. The whole overall experience of this machine, from start to finish, is better than the best minute or two I’ll get from the Tenga. You get a mix of quantity and quality and ease of use that nothing else can match. You put all three together and it’s just unbeatable.