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    Over the twelve years I have had a Venus machine I have tried all sorts of mods and experiments, attaching things to the liner to create extra texture, modifying the liner, different positions to use the Venus in and many, many more. All of these are fun but without doubt the most important enhancement I have found is to improve the air seal at the “mouth” of the receiver, if this isn’t right then nothing is right. When you get a perfect seal the liner tightly grips the penis over its whole surface and this what provides the intense sensations.

    I have tried many ideas and they all work to varying degrees but the best and most recent discovery is using a 4 inch section cut off from an old Fleshlight (not the mouth/entrance end, this will be too heavy, the other end). Place this over the receiver entrance in order to extend the entrance by about an inch, the jelly like material provides a perfect flexible, soft and comfortable seal around the base of the penis not unlike a vagina in feel. Its much more comfortable than the Venus entrance around the base of the penis and in addition to the air seal advantages it provides a very life like simulation of intercourse in tight vagina, its all good 🙂

    What’s your best Venus modification or enhancement?, please share it.


    I have to give my best to the mounting an old “task Lamp” I found to a stand and hanging the receiver from it with 4-5 1/4 inch wide rubber bands chain linked together. The joints in the lamp make it endlessly adjustable and having the receiver free to float through the air makes it SOOOO much nicer. Can use it at any stage of erection, including flexible soft. Only problem I have with it is turning the machine off, just hate to stop the pleasure.


    Thanks for contributing to the thread.

    I don’t have lamp unfortunately but I do use a camera tripod also with elastic bands, this works particularly well on a bed and is similar experience to being ridden.


    Making an entrance using an old fleshlight works, but the fleshlight material is a little sticky/tacky. TPE seems to be better and you can get a Doc Johnson “The Tube” cut to size and hold on with zip tie: https://www.amazon.com/Doc-Johnson-Tube-Masturbator-Clear/dp/B0027CU1MQ

    Doc Johnson The Tube

    But even this is not ideal as the inner diameter is small 20mm (0.78in) which means its a bit tight on the receiver and doesn’t want to stay on (hence the zip tie) and for me it grips the foreskin too much instead of sliding.

    The best mouth is one I made myself from SmoothOn EcoFlex 00-10 which is custom shaped and sized.

    EcoFlex mouth


    Thanks for posting, that looks really interesting.
    I can’t say I’ve found any problems myself with the stickiness of the Fleshlight when using with ID Glide lube. I can however see it is going to tear or wear out with use, Fleshlight inserts are now not sold separately and are also very expensive to use lkie this so obviously if I want to keep using with the Venus like this it is not going to be a long term solution. The SmoothOn EcoFlex certainly looks really good but I will try the Doc Johnson “The Tube” as a cheap and easy idea first, many thanks for the tip.


    I’ve used various vibration devices, cock rings and the Twin Charger, http://www.happystim-usa.com/catalog/i553.html. The Twin Charger is bulky but offers ability to vary vibration intensity and frequency more effectively . I usually attach the device as close to the mouth of the receiver as possible. Has anyone else used vibrators on the receiver?


    I havent, but do own a twincharger. How does this work (the process)?

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