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    Anyone know of a waist type harness that can be worn to hold the receiver in an elevated position to be hands free? (an example would be what seriouskit does for their receivers)

    Or has anyone had success using some type of stand or mobile pulley system that can be set up to hang the receiver down over yourself while lying down? the suspension of the receiver creates a better feel than when its flopping around with no suspension

    Abco – make this happen and i’ll be sure to buy it. it would help make the product more user friendly for all types of situations.


    One of my Yahoo Messenger buds has a stand set up that looks great to view…it appears to have no flopping around and holds the receiver upright..

    If you would like his Yahoo ID..let me know..he does great cam shows..



    whats your yahoo id, im willing to get one


    I use a length of bungee cord tied both ends together and place over my neck like a long necklace for support then fashioned a loop that will hold the pump its light flexible and you can vary the length to suit your needs, it securely holds my pump at the right level for hands free fun


    I’ve made a harness that resembles the “girl on top” position. Its a very simple design consisting of a clamp which holds two legs. The legs are then tethered together using a belt.


    When in use the receiver follows an arc motion which is closer to a more natural movement.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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