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    Although it has probably been mentioned before for the life of me I can’t find ANY description of the material used as the gasket on the threaded tip of the receiver. It is not for sale at the store either. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!



    It is a heat shrink rubber. Might find a electrical splice connector that would fit. I think it’s best to just call Karen. Be sure you clean ALL the old rubber off before you put on the new one.



    I’m having the same trouble. It’s getting harder to connect the hose/cap.



    I have solved this problem by using a short length of heat-schrink tubing which is available from most electronic/electrical parts suppliers and model shops in various lenths, diameters and colours. Choose a diameter slightly larger than the external diamenter of the threaded nipple and about 2-3 mm longer than the nipple and before shrinking it put a small amount of instant glue on the thread. After shrinking trim the end of the tubing so that it covers the end of the nipple. It is important to make sure that the nipple is very clean before sliding on the heat-shrink tubing and I used a brass wire brush for this purpose.




    What do you think about just using electrical or duck tape wrapped around the threaded part?

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