Thoughts and Observations from a New User - Venus for Men by Sybian

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    Hello all. I received my Venus 4 days ago and have used it a few times now. I thought I’d share a few thoughts and things I’ve noticed.

    – Overall I like it. There’s definitely a learning curve but I think I’m starting to get it dialed in. One problem I had is that I think I prefer longer strokes at slower speeds, but with the wheel setting as it came from the factory the strokes seemed fairly short and I couldn’t add enough air to lengthen the stroke without the receiver coming off. This is with a 250-070-225 receiver, I don’t remember my measurements offhand so YMMV. But I opened the box and changed the setting on the wheel from ‘3’ to ‘4’. I got a longer stroke while still keeping the receiver pulled in closer to my body. Success.

    – It’s taken some experimenting to find a lube that I like with it. I tried the ID lube that came with it and it’s not great unless you finish pretty quick. Maybe it’s water-based lubes in general because I’ve experienced issues with the Wal-Mart brand lube I happened to have too. It dries up and the glycerin gets sticky and starts to chafe the skin. Then you have to stop and apply more lube. So I thought I’d try a silicone based lube instead, I had never used one before but heard that they last longer. First I tried Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel, they carry it at Walgreen’s so I was able to get it immediately. I definitely didn’t have the problems with drying up and chafing, and since it was a gel it didn’t run down the sides of the receiver and clog up the valve on the endcap. And it did last. Downside was that it didn’t seem to actually lubricate as well, maybe because it is a gel. I had to slop quite a bit on there to get the lubrication that I wanted, and the stuff isn’t cheap (~$15 for a 3 oz. tube). So, I decided to shop around on Amazon and found a brand called Turn On. It’s inexpensive, I got a 32 oz. bottle for $50. It is a liquid instead of a gel, so the actual slipperiness of it is better. It doesn’t dry up like a water-based lube, and it lasts. Seems to me to be an excellent value. Downside to both the silicone based lubes I tried is that of course the cleanup takes more work, but dipping the brush that came with the Venus in warm soapy water and brushing the receiver out good, then rinsing, seems to work pretty well.

    – I bought the nipple massagers with my Venus but have not tried them yet. Issue is that I want to use them at the same time as the receiver. After I bought everything I saw a diagram of how to set that up, but I did not buy an extra ‘T’ connector or any extra hose with my kit. Should have considered that. A trip to Lowe’s will be in order soon. I assume that using more attachments means that the machine will need to push more air, so it’s probably a good thing I adjusted the wheel setting already.

    – All in all this thing’s been pretty fun so far, I just haven’t worked up the ‘endurance’ to get the most value out of it yet. I’ve read people’s posts on here about being able to use it for an hour or two. That would be awesome. Part of my problem though is that medication I take makes it difficult to stay hard from just the stimulation alone, and I don’t know if I’m weird this way, but there’s enough differential in the size between flaccid and erect that I don’t really feel much until I get it up. So I inevitably start up some porn to keep myself going, and then don’t last as long as I might otherwise.

    Anyway, those are my experiences so far, I’ll be happy to entertain any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

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