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    To the point:

    1) Stiff hose: I bought ten feet of 3/8″ rubber fuel line at an auto parts store, for my V2K. It is cheap, and MUCH stiffer than the hose provided by ABCO. Translation? It gives you *far* more positive action, because the hose does not expand and contract like the factory hose. Fuel line gives you *far* better stroke energy. I cannot recommend this one simple improvement more emphatically – it is a game-changer.

    2) Positioning: Once you’ve got a good ten feet of stiff hose, you’ve got some new options about how you position yourself and your V2K receiver. I happened upon a setup that is, well, another game-changer. I have a little computer desk where I spend all of my work time. Thinking about the best possible position to enjoy both on-line videos and the V2K stimulation, the optimization became obvious: I screwed a Home Depot conduit clamp into the middle of the bottom side of my desk. That provides a support to hold up the V2K hose right between my legs, making the V2K receiver hover at exactly the preferred spot. It completely frees the receiver to move up and down the shaft effortlessly, with no weight from the hose pulling it down. If you’re really good at air pressure management, it’s incredible how precisely you can adjust things to the point where the receiver slides exactly to the tip of the glans, but still has enough contact to initiate the next stroke. Unreal!

    3) Lube management: I usually lube only the middle and far end of the receiver, while leaving the first inch or two completely dry. This causes the receiver to “grip” the base of the penis shaft firmly, not sliding at all, while the middle and tip are well-lubricated. This provides gentle stimulation of the most sensitive parts of the penis, while not stimulating the shaft much. Translation? An hour or more of delightful oral-sex-like stimulation of the tip and frenulum (Google it), with little threat of “end of the party” ejaculation (until you’re ready).

    4) Teasing: This is BY FAR the best tip of all! The best tip is, sadly, a little difficult. I was able to build my own electrical “Venus interrupter” using a USB module from National Instruments, a 120VAC switch module, and some Visual Basic. If I had to buy one, I’d probably Google “120 Volt Universal Single Channel Inline Mini Flashing Controller,” and get that. Nothing enhances the stimulation of the Venus like having it stop for a few seconds, give you time to rest and catch your breath, and then wait in anticipation for another stroke. It’s like real life. It totally rocks. So figure out a way to make yours start, stop, and start. Just make sure you’ve got a way to turn it on full blast at the end, because nothing’s worse than a “ruined orgasm” caused by the V2K stopping just when you’re ready to unload.

    I hope my advice helps some of you enjoy your V2Ks as much as I enjoy mine. It’s fantastic! Thank you, Ron!

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