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    Would like to hear how other owners use their Venus…Do you:
    On the bed..on back…legs spread..let it work you off
    On the bed…on side…let it work you off
    Standing..legs spread..let it work you off…cock bouncing and waving..
    On computer chair..watching vids..legs spread…cock bouncing and waving..

    Other ways..

    LET US HEAR THEM please..

    I just got a system and need to hear how others use them




    Usually just use it sitting here at PC. Sharing the feelings over the web. Sometimes I will take it to bed, but I dont get any sleep.


    I love to cam while using mine.


    i use the full 360 degrees with a situp circular device. I tie on the sleeve on to the situp device by a rope. The sleeve floates free while you are under, ontop of or kneeling. AFter 2 years of experimentation, I can’t find wny thikng better. If interested, I will go into moe detail.


    advuser, please go into detail. Your approach sounds interesting.


    I use two itmes with the Venus 2000:
    A 5 ft long rope with two circular ends that fit over the receiver (end with black cap)
    An AB roller turned upside down.

    The AB roller is placed upside down and the rope goes over the top and connects to the reciever so that it creates an arc for the receiver to swing free. The rope span across the roller is 27″ and goes down 18″. This allows you to lay down with the receiver over the penis. You can move the roller foward and the angle of the reciver goes from 180 to 135 degrees. If you slide the rope down the roller arm you can go to 90 degrees. Conversly, if you move the roller forward, the reciver goes for 180 degrees to 110 degrees. To go to 0 degrees i..e. receiver is totally underneath you, mount the roller.
    I know this is hard to imagine without a photo, but think of it as a triangle with the reciver at the bottom swinging back and forth.

    The positions to best use to are laying down and kneeling, but you can also stand with the roller on a small table or mount it with you arns holding you up loke in a pushup position.

    Details: The ab roller can be bought at WallMart for $20. My roller is old and has rubber grips that the rope can be slid up and down on. The rope loops at the end must be exactly formed to fit snugly on to the receiver. I use a rubber bacd t keep the loops from slipping down.

    I have tried every possible angle and lke the kneeling position which holds the receiver at a perfect 90 degrees. I canslide the roller away frommy body and it pulls the penis more and slides more overthe head. Then I side the roller veyr close annd pump in more air. This pushes the penis away with a tight fit.


    In order of most used . . .

    On my side on the bed.

    Receiver suspended under desk (linked rubber bands hooked over ends of desk)

    Similar arrangement with longer rubber bands kneeling

    On back laying on the bed with receiver suspended from a camera tripod.


    I prefer sitting in my computer chair,it is easier for me to cum while sitting plus I have full acess to my computer.I use my Venus daily to get me off

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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