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    I think this is an amazing addition to my toy box! I’m having one problem though… Videos I’ve seen display the receiver with a full range of motion on the shaft and I have yet to find the proper setting to achieve this. Even with maximum air being removed the receiver only comes about halfway down and pops off frequently on the upstroke. Did I order the liner/housing too narrow? Perhaps my initial measurements were off.


    Sounds to me like to small of a liner and/or receiver. If I try too tight of a liner I will have that problem


    I had to remove the constrictor at the base as it was taking up too much space for the receiver to go down to the base of my shaft
    after that I went all the way down to my pubic bone

    lei lai

    I’m having the same issue.. tried adjusting it many different ways but still the stroke length just barely goes over half of shaft.. it is indeed frustrating for sure


    May want to look at some videos of “adjusting” the gear. Made a huge difference for me with the same problem.

    Just be careful as adjustments can also cause “pop off” issues.

    Don’t give up…when you get it right, it’s mine blowing.


    I had mine almost 4 months before I learned the best way to use and correct sizing for me, after that this machine is frigin mind/head blowing loll


    Had the same problem, started out with a 200 liner, then went to 225, then 238. 238 was perfect.


    Same here… went from a 212 to a 238. Receiver now slides up and down my shaft nicely. With just the right amount of lube it does become mind blowing! You have to learn the air in/out buttons and play with them quite a bit. Once you learn that it’s incredible.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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