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    First of all a song to give context.

    So I decided to invest in a “venus for men” after a lot of beating around the bush. I had tried other “products” on the market, manual products, to the “auto blow 2” on KickStarter.
    After ALL that money and hoopla.. which I could have just saved..Well like most people I had to spend double the cost of the Venus before I actually gave it a try.
    Because at that point, I was like.. I don’t have any reason not to, money wise.

    Also Part of that reason was-I have not seen a lot of good reviews for this product, like after buying it, I’m like “This is a godsend!” but.. when you search online, its like a mystery product. While I’m not going to go blathering to my co-workers about this, I can at least do it online. (It could be the cost as well?)

    Technically I could buy 5 of these sets.. to help with work, but they can’t give a blow job. lol.

    So I bought it and I have never looked back since. I have had the product a year and change-When everything works right, its a godsend. When the little end cap pops off at the worst possible time, do to.. (I’m not sure, air can’t be pumped out quick enough?) well its rage inducing. BUT, that being said, I’d still buy it again.

    I work a lot, like over time every day, and weekends included, & while I could probably meet up with a woman who’d trade sex for love, to be frank, I’m not that type of guy. I’m in no position time wise to get in and then develop a good relationship with a woman at this stage in life. And being as “Escorts” are not exactly legal, the whole STD, and STI thing… and thinking about my odds, this “tool” seemed like the better and much safer bet.

    So, your eyeballing the cost? My suggest would be, just hit the buy button and don’t use it on carpet. And have no regrets.

    I would suggest for whatever model you buy, make sure you get yourself extra liner material. Unless your a genius? I screwed up a couple times, when trying to put the liner in. Like you watch the videos, and the lady doing it, does it like a champ.. but I accidentally put a little pin hole in the set up when trying the liner install.(multiple times) SO account for that. Also I’d suggest buying at least one Extra end cap for the unit you purchase. B/c I’m pretty sure, one of mine was defective, no matter what I did it wouldn’t work right. The valve on the end was the issue.(I guess whoever was on that assembly line doing QA, failed) It happens.

    I have a feeling if this product were marketed better on a site’s like or it’d sell more?

    The biggest barrier to me buying this product, was just not knowing it existed sooner. . .I honestly found this by accident, its just way outside my norm in life.

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