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    I will address your ED issue. How does your ED affect you, not the other
    fellow’s ED? Does a quality blowjob get you off even if it does not get you
    hard? I have mild ED. That means I have no problem getting off and good oral
    gives me various stages of erection but do does Venus. Most of us with ED
    mentally and physically stay in the game because we want to. For us it is
    mind over matter. When I am with a woman I go all out to please her with
    more than adequate foreplay and marathon quality oral. My zipper does not
    have to come down, nor do my pants have to come off. Should she choose to
    please me, also, I have no problem in getting off. With my Venus there is
    nothing to foreplay with and all of the attention is turned to me. I am not
    at all worried about ED. Speak up, you others with ED. How many times have
    you pulled your receiver off to add lube or for some other reason? You
    thought you were dreaming when you saw how long your cock was and how big
    around it was. You were thinking, “This can’t be MY cock!” Although you
    configure a receiver for vacuum mode to exercise and grow your cock, normal
    liner use does a great job also!
    If you have ED and in the heat of the moment you penetrate a person, most
    likely your cock does not stay hard enough to stay in. Often this is due to
    the stress that most intercourse positions are done in. Not only you are
    enduring the stress caused by the position, you want to do your part and the
    stress of thrusting adds to your problem, also. When you feel your erection
    waning it worries you and the worry alone further aggravates your ED and
    your ability to stay in. You do not have this worry with Venus and Venus
    keeps you in even if you lose your erection. The Venus is so effective that
    if the receiver is held stationary in one place, it moving your cock in and
    out in a stretching fashion provides lots of stroking action. Yes, the
    receiver does not have to even move up and down, to move your cock.
    Naturally you get more of this type of stroking with a soft or semi erect
    Venus videos are like videos of people having sex, they can turn you on and
    make you dream, but you have to spend lots of time with a person or a Venus
    to get the excellent results you want. One time escapades with a Venus are
    about as useless as one time sex with a person when it comes to getting use
    to each other and the better results that offers. One time with a person or
    a Venus will get you off, but it will not keep you on edge for an hour.
    I have a friend who has ED and good oral use to get him off. All of a sudden
    he is claiming that he completely lost ALL interest in sex and does not even
    jack off. I would NOT recommend he use Venus. Your mind has to be in it.
    Your cock and sexual ability in general has to be in it. Simply put, if
    orgasms are a way of life for you, Venus is for you.

    Slow Hand Albany, GA and still searching the database for listings of Venus
    owners within 75 miles of Albany, GA. If you are in driving distance and do
    not want to list, simply email me and let’s talk!

    Sybianmaker note:

    This was taken directly from the venus2000formen2 yahoo group with zero editing

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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