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Jeff, thanks for the suggestion.

I’d been thinking about something similar for awhile.

I use j-lube, and while cheap I find that it dries out quite fast, especially along the shaft of my cock, causing the receiver to grip rather than glide. Having to pull out and re-lube kinda breaks the mood a bit — plus it’s kinda messy.

I’ve modified my Venus end-cap to have constant suction from a vacuum pump instead of the ball-valve.
This also doesn’t help with lube retention. I figured the vacuum probably slowly sucks the lube towards the top of the receiver.

I’d wondered if there was some way to create a “lube reservoir” at the base of the receiver so that the bottom of my shaft is constantly re-lubricated. I think I might have found the solution — latex briefs with a penis sheath.

My plan is to cut the tip off the latex sheath and stretch the open end over the end of the venus receiver, similar to your suggestion. It would aid pop-off (not really a problem given the added suction from my mod) but the briefs would also create an sealed space around the base of my cock and the receiver to fill with lube. I’d imagine filling the briefs with copious amounts of lube, combined with the slipperiness of the lubricated latex will feel great too — cock, balls and asshole all covered in lube and encased in tight latex. I’ve even ordered a small, longish butt plug with a flush base to combine with this setup.

The kit arrives early next week. I’ll let you know how it goes!