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Home Forums Advanced Users What’s your best Venus modification or enhancement? Reply To: What’s your best Venus modification or enhancement?


There are two mods that I have been using that I thought I would share here:

1. Going hands free – Early on I noticed the receiver would pull towards whichever side of me I had the main unit positioned on. So I thought what was needed is something that would kind of pull in the opposite direction. So what I came up with was to use a bondage cuff with a tether. The cuff I use is from a company called Sportsheets and is vinyl with a velcro closure. So I wrap the cuff around the receiver, clip the tether to it and then anchor the other end of the tether. My main set up is that it is anchored in a side drawer to my right, but I’ve also just used my own body and that works. I then have the Venus positioned to the left of me. So the natural pull towards the unit is counter-acted by the cuff and tether. Sometimes I’ll use a towel to prop the receiver up a little bit, but that’s not needed.

2. Testicle massage/tickling – this I just recently came up with. Always wanted something that would tick or lick my balls while the Venus works my shaft. Really never found a toy that did that as they mostly just vibrate. Then it occurred to me that I have this thing that is moving up and down, so maybe I could attach something to it that wouldn’t get in the way. Tried several different things and ultimately landed on Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts. Some of them have a textured area in the heel with soft little bumps on them. I cut that area down so it is shaped like a tongue and then use a rubber band to attach it to the receiver letting with the “tongue” part hang down some. The result is as the receiver is moving up and down, the insert then tickles/licks the balls.