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Ok, I found something that is truly fantastic.
It’s called the Long Slide
See a picture at this link.

It works fantastic.
This is how you set it up.
You’ll need two small sections of regular liner material, one about 2 inches and the other about 3 inches
You’ll need an empty small plastic water bottle.
My receiver is a large to average sized one so this may require mods if you have a larger one or smaller one.
First you need to cut the water bottle so that you end up with a short funnel.
I did it by placing the end of the bottle in my receiver and marking it with a Sharpie and cutting along the line.
Now fit the shorter liner piece in the end where your cap will fit and longer one the insertion end. You need only about an inch of liner material on either end so push the rest into the receiver.
Note: You will need to select the cap end of the receiver to be the end closest to the side vent. This allow obstruction free respiration of the receiver.
Now very carefully fit the water bottle threaded opening in the small hole at the end of the Long Slide (there is a small hole there, don’t tear it)
Now gently feed the Long Slide into the cap end of the receiver until you can pull it through to the insertion end.
When you get it right, you’ll have the Long Slide all the way through and being gripped by the liner material. The water bottle (funnel) will be snugged up against the cap end of the receiver.
Note: If you set this up so that the drape off extra material on the Long Slide can ride down over the Scrotum, you’ll be amazed by the sensation.
Now place the receiver cap over the end were the bottle top is.
Lube the interior of the Long Slide and your off to the races.
I hope this helps.