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I am 80. I’ve owned a Venus for about 5 years. I have borderline high blood sugar, 100-120 range. My doctor was concerned enough about diabetes to send me to a nutritionist. We keep watch of my blood sugar – diet and exercise. But I DO have numb feet and reduced penile sensation, more spinal stenosis than the average bear. Of course I have erectile dysfunction. I live alone. I habitually use Viagra to get off by hand even. I limit Venus to only once a week now to try and have the best session possible. Many times I resort to finishing by hand to get a more violent action than Venus can provide, however I greatly enjoy Venus-play at length, in conjunction with watching porn. I have no reason to limit porn since have no wife. However, FANTASY is what will turn the trick. A NEW fantasy makes for a MUCH better session. Prostate stimulation sometimes helps. You need to use a cock ring to guard against erection loss when a toy is inserted, at least i do. I hope anyone with any other helpful information will reply to this thread, cause I’d sure like to get back to playing Venus 4-5 times a week too!