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I have been experimenting with this new Stroke Sleeve. I used the #1 configuration and my usual 2″ liner, 1.88″ constrictor, with the liner inserted through the Stroke Sleeve. It worked but constantly rode up and popped off. So I rebuilt it again thinking that with all this new material crammed into the receiver I must have a bad seal at the base creating an air leak. The rebuilt receiver still popped off. Testing did not show any air leaks in the receiver. It really felt like I was just too constricted with this Stroke Sleeve not able to expand enough to accommodate the girth of my penis and just would ride up a little on each stroke. So then I decided to just remove my 1.88 base constrictor altogether, thinking that if my problem is too much constriction, this would help. So my liner going up through the Stroke Sleeve was my only base constriction. It did not work and the pop off problem was only worse.

My take on this is that I’m just a little too big for this Stroke Sleeve and the laws of physics take over and squeeze my penis so much that it inches up a bit on each stroke until if frees itself and pops off. I could try a notch bigger liner (2.12) but doubt this would help and wonder if I could even get it inserted wrinkle free into the center of the Stroke Sleeve. It almost seems like this would work better with the Stroke Sleeve next to your skin, inserted into the liner, rather than the other way around. This would require the use of a liner slightly larger than 2″ and I notice Abco did not recommend this and seems to think the Stroke Sleeve would wear out or not work right in this type of set up (maybe they tried it?).

I was able to overcome the pop off problems by overuse of air control valve long enough to evaluate the sensation the use of the Stroke Sleeve provides. I definitely could feel the difference. It felt softer and more cushioned, but really not that much better. If the Sleeve and the little textured nibs were in direct contact with your skin it would be better. Also this makes for a much heavier receiver and it makes riding your erection hands free that much more tricky. Lot’s of wobbling going on until you get everything balanced and stroke length right.

My next test will be the #3 configuration and I’ll post the results as soon as I can acquire the necessary materials.