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Home Forums General Discussion I'm on the fence about it? Reply To: I'm on the fence about it?


I sat on the fence for years, but the Venus is literally one of the best purchases I ever made. Not just in the sex toy category…best purchase of any kind of product. It’s incredibly well made and exceeds all expectations I had
for it. I think about the money I wasted on other toys over the years that were so disappointing like the Autoblow 2 that I would have saved if I just bought the Venus and not wasted time/money looking for something cheaper and kick myself for not buying earlier. I probably average about 8 hours of use per week from this amazing device….some short sessions, some sessions over an hour. The thing that finally helped me pull the trigger is how many videos I had watched of women using the Sybian. I persoanlly believe the Venus delivers to men the same satisfaction that women get from the Sybian.