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    I’m over in the UK and have the optional ‘stroke sleeve’ but have had only mixed results with it………until now.!

    All three of the recommended configurations either didn’t feel any different, were not achievable with my receiver size or caused the ‘popping off’ issue. I feel the latter was maybe down to the added weight the stroke sleeve gave the receiver which kinda increased the ‘power’ of the ‘throw’ causing the receiver to crawl forward along the penis on the upstroke until it eventually popped off.

    Curious about the ‘see through’ experience given by ‘Serious Kit’ receivers I took the plunge and bought a few of their clear liners, however because of the difficulty involved installing them in my receiver and their overall feel I didn’t really get on with them that well. The SK liners are somewhat ‘firmer’ and less elastic than the standard Venus liners which gave me an idea about revisiting the stroke sleeve that I’d abandoned some weeks ago after the lacklustre/popping off experience described above.

    I think? the configuration I’m trying to describe is similar the ’tucking the tail in’ option 3 for the stroke sleeve? but as I wrote above I think this requires an different receiver size to my 200-060-225 (2.0”) receiver?. Frustratingly 2.5 or 3.0” are the recommended sizes for the tail tuck option?.

    So! I used one of the ‘Serious Kit’ liners sized, I think, 38mm? installed into my receiver. I didn’t use any liner constrictor and just folded it over around an inch and a half at the hose connection end of my receiver. For the end cap end I did use some shaft liner in the form of a 1.5 inch piece to give the end cap a little extra grip and to ensure that the SK liner remained pulled taut. From my past, albeit limited, experiences I found SK liners can sometimes slowing slip their way over the smooth outer surface of my Venus receiver and lose tautness. Then I s-l-o-w-l-y! began trying to insert the stroke sleeve into the inside of the clear SK liner with the little ‘nubs’ on the inside.

    As the stroke sleeve’s got a soft, pliable, sticky kind of texture getting it to go inside wasn’t easy, however after much huffing, puffing and grinding of teeth I eventually! got it halfway through. Then from the other side of the receiver I used my fingers to grab and pull the stroke sleeve almost all the way into the SK liner leaving just a little proud to bend and fold over the outside of the receiver at the hose connection end (like the stroke sleeve tail tuck option 3?). This I held in place with a tight! elastic band. After a bit more fettling looking inside the liner showed that the stroke sleeve fitted perfectly! and more importantly when I tried it (with lots! of ID Glide and some ‘Lubido’ lube) felt absolutely fantastic!, mind blowing! in fact.

    For me it’s been a great success, yes the popping off can still be a bit of an issue but I’ve found that on the odd times it does occur it can be easily controlled or prevented by using the red and green air in/out buttons of the air box. So far due to family constraints which don’t allow me much time to be alone I’ve only managed to use my Venus with this new mod around 3 times. However each time slipping into that modded receiver felt soooo! good that I knew I’d stumbled across something really! special and couldn’t’t wait to try it again.

    I’ve enjoyed using my Venus over the few months of ownership but, for myself, this has taken the Venus experience to a whole new and different level of male pleasure, it’s instant! bliss right from the off. The toe curling!, knee trembling!, almost spiritual! cums I’ve had with this modded receiver reminded me of the ones I used to have with Wifey back before she lost her sex drive, yes it feels that! good.

    I’ll try and take a picture of the finished/modded receiver and if possible/allowed? post it here.



    Update- I now own the Venus 2000 home assembly tool for modifying/constructing receivers.
    This copasetic little tool really does makes the whole process of liner/constrictor installation much easier and was well worth buying.
    Through it’s use I’ve been able to make further modifications and improvements to my Serious Kit clear liner/stroke sleeve receiver setup.

    First I took the whole thing apart and using the home assembly tool fitted single liner constrictors at each end to help the SK liner grip the outside of the receiver better.
    I was then able to re fit the SK liner into the receiver much more easily than before. Stretching the ends over over the single liner constrictors at each side gave much more grip to the SK liner greatly reducing/almost eliminating slippage so the liner stayed taut.
    Then I installed the stroke sleeve, same as before however this time I didn’t bother folding it back over the outside of the receiver as the strong ‘cling effect’ of both stroke sleeve and SK liner seemed enough to hold the stroke sleeve in place inside the SK liner.
    To be absolutely sure there’d be no slippage of the SK liner over the outside of the receiver loosing that critical tautness I used black insulating tape halfway over the edge of the SK liner and the outside of the receiver at each end to keep the them both in place.
    This latest modification is quite an improvement over the first incarnation. The whole thing now looks neater and feels better too as there’s now more stroke sleeve available inside the receiver which gives a more intense feel than the first ‘tail tucked’ option.

    Pleased with my new mods but still mildly frustrated with unwanted/unsteady receiver movements spoiling the fun a certain health issue of mine gave me an idea which eventually lead to an absurdly simple solution to help hold the receiver in place for a truly hands free experience .
    My near 60 year old body’s ravaged with arthritis causing me no end of pain and considerable mobility issues meaning being reasonably comfortable/pain free is key to me fully enjoying the Venus experience.

    So! employing one of the rubber ‘Therabands’ I used for my shoulder physiotherapy moves I adopted a kneeling position on a folded towel with my wrecked back supported/cushioned by a thickly padded ‘Ikea’ dining chair ‘cushion’ leaning against the wardrobe door in our bedroom. Next I tied one end of the ‘Theraband’ around the middle of the receiver and just looped the other end loosely twice around my neck. This gave a nice bouncy hold with easy ‘attitude’/angle adjustments made by shortening/lengthening the length of the neck loop.

    Another good configuration I used downstairs in our living room was to tie the receiver into the centre of the ‘Theraband’ and just loop the left/right outside ends over/ around my thighs/knees again giving a nice bouncy hold of the receiver now held between my legs. Adjustment was easy with this option too by lengthening/shortening/changing the orientation of the ‘Therabands’ around my thighs/knees until the best position was achieved. I used this option while seated on our leather settee, back supported by a mixture of firm and soft cushions and my legs just off the floor with feet resting on the edge of a very! sturdy coffee table.

    If anyone wants to try these configurations remember to be sure to position the connection hose in such a way as not to impede the ‘hang’ or free movement of the receiver in the ‘Theraband’.

    I’ve taken pictures of the newly modified receiver and ‘Theraband’ support however I don’t know how to add them to the forum??.

    Have fun!.

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